2022 mid-year link clearance

Raymond Chen

The semi-annual link clearance commences.

The semi-annual link clearance has concluded.


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  • Paul Zagieboylo 0

    Estcourt Station, ME is nowhere close to the northermost point in the continental US, just the northernmost point in New England at 47.45N. It certainly feels that way if you look at the weather, but in fact this latitude goes straight through the middle of Sea-Tac Airport, so if you live “somewhere in the Seattle area” it’s almost certainly north of this. The actual northernmost point in the continental US is of course the northwest tip of Angle Inlet in Minnesota at 49.38N, caused by another surveying error (19th century surveyors having got a little lost and not knowing how far north the Lake of the Woods actually extended).

  • Jeff Howe 0

    Well, how cool. Day 1 of the photo journal, features Eartha, the giant spinning — and revolving — globe at the old DeLorme headquarters in Maine, since taken over by Garmin. I worked at DeLorme three separate times over 16 or so years, writing software for their mapping products, in particular Street Atlas USA, Topo USA, and XMap. I wasn’t there for the building of the globe, but I inherited the code that made it run, and gave control over its positioning when maintenance was needed. The combination of rotation on a polar axis, and revolving on a horizontal arm was interesting to watch, and gave off a kind of slight sensation of continual falling. It’s still there, as are a lot of folks I worked with. Rumor has it that the centers of each panel are slightly bowed out using a CD mounted on a springy curtain rod. Oh, and Quoddy Head is cool, too.

    • Ron ParkerMicrosoft employee 0

      Some years ago, I spent many hours reverse-engineering the .an1 and .anr file formats for various only-mildly-nefarious purposes, so it’s quite likely that you and I were nemeses of a sort.

      • Jeff Howe 0

        I never dealt with those file types directly in my work there, and you would never have been my nemesis in that endeavor. The company’s, perhaps, but those formats don’t, or didn’t, really carry much in the way of proprietary information that I can recall. Curiously, though, the company I work for now recently got a customer request to support, or at least be able to read, a different old DeLorme format. I may reach out to some of my old pals to see if that’s possible.

  • Ron ParkerMicrosoft employee 0

    You probably knew this, but there’s a reason that photo looks like an Escher drawing – Escher based a lot of his work on his sketches of the Italian coast.

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