If I am getting a DllNotFoundException from Windows 10 N, how do I get the missing DLLs?

Raymond Chen

A customer reported that their program was crashing with a DllNotFoundException when running on Windows 10 N. They installed the Media Feature Pack, but the problem didn’t go away. How do you get the missing DLLs?

Windows N is a version of Windows that lacks the media components. This means that it doesn’t have Windows Media Foundation, and doesn’t have media codecs like H264.

What you don’t want to do is manually copy the Windows Media Foundation DLLs from another system onto your system. Windows Update will delete them because they have no servicing information. The supported way to get those components back is to install the Media Feature Pack.

The customer reported the next day that they were mistaken when they claimed to have installed the Media Feature Pack. The Media Feature Pack was installed on a machine different from the one that was exhibiting the problem, but they got confused about which system was which. They confirmed that installing the Media Feature Pack fixed the problem.