This is definitely rare: It happens only ten times a month

Raymond Chen

Search for the phrase “Motley Fool issues rare“:

  • “Motley Fool Issues Rare All In Buy Alert.”
  • “Motley Fool Issues Rare Triple-Buy Alert.”
  • “Motley Fool Issues Rare Double-Up Buy Alert.”
  • “Motley Fool Issues Rare Double-Down Buy Alert.”
  • “Motley Fool Issues Rare Triple-Down Buy Alert.”
  • “Motley Fool Issues Rare Home Run Buy Alert.”
  • “Motley Fool Issues Rare Double Play Buy Alert.”
  • “Motley Fool Issues Rare Slam Dunk Buy Alert.”
  • “Motley Fool Issues Rare Ultimate Buy Alert.”
  • “Motley Fool Issues Rare Silver Bullet Buy Alert.”

Y’know, I’m starting to think this is just an advertising ploy.


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  • Henke37 0

    According to my cpu tinted glasses, that is rare. That’s bajilions of cycles between each event!

  • Daniel Neely 0

    Right up there with Business Insider’s never ending series on the things Millennials are supposedly killing. 🙄

  • cheong00 0

    Likewise are those stores which claims they offer rare discount because they’re going to shutdown, while “they are shutting down everyday” since my childhood, going on like 20+ years.

  • Joshua Hudson 0

    That’s not the Motly Fool either. That’s someone using the name of a defunct investors’ advice column to pump and dump.

    • Brian MacKay 0

      The Motley Fool is a company (, It started as an investor’s advice column and has grown into a somewhat well-known company (Wikipedia says it has 300 employees). It provides investment “advice” and those “rare” alerts that Raymond is making fun of. It also includes weekly columns in newspapers (periodic compendia of paper-based web pages), and a few other things.

  • M. W. 0

    It was probably made by an eBay seller.
    A video-game that was made 10 years ago and sold 10,000,000 copies and says “bestseller” right on the box is neither “vintage” nor “rare”. ¬_¬

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