In the file copy conflict dialog, what happened to the option to copy the new file with a numeric suffix?

Raymond Chen


If you use Explorer to paste a file into a directory, and there’s already a file with that name in the directory, you get a Replace or Skip Files dialog with options to replace the existing file, skip the file, or compare info for both files. A customer remembered that in earlier versions of Windows, there was no option to compare info, but there was an option to copy the file with a new name, so that the directory contains both the old file (with its original name) and the new file (with a numeric suffix). Where did that option go?

Replace or Skip Files?
Copy 1 item from Documents to Desktop
The destination already has a file named “Awesome.txt”
Replace the file in the destination
Skip this file
🗎🗎Compare info for both files

The option to keep both files is still there. It’s hiding under Compare info for both files.

1 File Conflict
Which files do you want to keep?
If you select both versions, the copied file will have a number added to its name.
 ☐ Files from Documents☐ Files from Desktop 
🗎11/12/2015 5:00:00 PM
10.6 KB
🗎7/29/2015 5:00;00 PM
10.2 KB
☐ Skip 0 files with the same date and size
Continue Cancel 

In the resulting dialog, you are given information about the conflicting files and can select which version you want. If you select both versions, then the copied file will have a number added to its name.


Raymond Chen
Raymond Chen

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Henrik Andersson 2019-06-04 07:39:31
Smells like the support team was getting fed up with customers complaining about users accidentally creating copies when they just wanted to replace/skip the file. Classic case of protecting the user from themself.
Richard Birch 2019-06-12 06:38:03
Pretty sure that Raymond is secretly building an HTML based clone of Windows behind the scenes. Theres no other explanations for the pixel perfect dialog renditions :P