Microspeak: To stand up

Raymond Chen

Today’s Microspeak term is stand up, as a verb. This is not to be confused with stand-up as a noun, referring to a short meeting according to the agile development model. It’s also not to be confused with a form of comedy, usually performed in front of a brick wall for some reason.

Anyway, the Microspeak term stand up means “to get something working and available for use.” Here are some citations:

There’s a dashboard for this that Bob stood up.

The team stood up a branch for this feature.

In the first example, Bob has created a dashboard and has gotten it to a point where it is functional and available for use. Other members of the team can open the dashboard (usually a Web page, though sometimes it’s a dedicated program) and see the status of whatever it is Bob is trying to show the status of.

In the second example, the team created a branch to use for implementing the feature, but more importantly, the team has provisioned resources to build and deploy the code in that branch, either on an ongoing basis, or to be spun up on request.


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