2017 mid-year link clearance

Raymond Chen

  • The U.S. Department of Defense Office of General Counsel publishes and revises a quite readable training document titled “Encyclopedia of Ethical Failure”. here’s the September 2016 edition. In it, you learn things such as General Discovers that Military Aides Are Not Supposed to Feed Cats.
  • John Bois has a short sports-themed video documentary series called Pretty Good. Every episode is worth watching, but today I draw your attention to 222-0, the story behind the most lopsided American football game in history. Really, it’s pretty good.
  • The LA Galaxy Ridiculous Soccer Challenge pits two professional soccer players against a team of 25 10-year-olds, or two professional soccer players against a team of 30 8-year-olds. I think this is the soccer version of “100 duck-sized horses.”
  • In the Wikipedia page for the song Shake It Off lies the sentence “The song’s arrangement features a saxophone.” Big Saxophone has its hands in everything.
  • Appraising the Brady Bunch’s Art Collection: “What follows is an examination of that which is meant to be ignored. … My work is sure to be a treat for anyone who loves art, or The Brady Bunch, or tedious overanalysis.” I think our house growing up had a starburst clock.
  • Frias för trafikbrott på grund av fobi för fönsterkuvert: The successful defense was “I didn’t know that my drivers license was expired because I have a crippling phobia of government letters. I therefore never opened the letters informing me that my license had expired.” (The Swedish word fönsterkuvert literally means “window envelope”, but it has come to mean “letters from the government” because those notices come in window envelopes.) The charges of aggravated DUI and driving an unregistered vehicle, however, were not dismissed.
  • Any lower and it’s just throwing pieces.” For people who think speed chess is too slow: Introducing Ultrabullet chess. Fifteen seconds per player. No time increment. Go. Link also leads to a video of International Master Andrew Tang playing an Ultrabullet tournament. I tried watching it but everything was so fast I had no way of understanding what it was I was seeing.
  • The Otamatone is one of the more annoying musical instruments. That doesn’t mean it still cannot produce moments of beauty. Like, say, The Star Wars theme, one of the many Otamatone performances by Singaporean artist Nelson Tan Yan Cong.

And the customary plug for my series of short videos on One Dev Minute:


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