For sale: One TARDIS, working (lights), you must pick up from Vancouver

Raymond Chen

Ever wanted a full-size TARDIS that works? Well, at least the the lights work.

For sale: TARDIS – FULL SIZE – $2500 (191 Alexander Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada)

condition: excellent
size / dimensions: approx 4×4 7 ft tall

CALLING ALL DR. WHO FANS! WE have a full size, working (as in lighted, not time portal) Tardis that was used as a film prop, and has been decorating our studio for years…but alas, we have run out of room and the Tardis has to go. Again, it is full size, and heavy, be warned (most portals are), but looks amazing…does double duty as a coat closet, or bar, or ?….but certainly makes a statement…its cool.

Maybe the Microsoft Research department could buy this. Then they’d have a place to put the time machine they’re working on.

They didn’t say what film it was used in, but the 1996 film Doctor Who was filmed in Vancouver. Coincidence? (Probably.)


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