Microspeak: to reason over

Raymond Chen

Today’s Microspeak is the phrase reason over.

This API allows you to reason over the objects and relationships contained in the schema model generated by DACFx.

To get value out of that data, we must be able to reason over it, tap into processing power to quickly analyze it and accelerate the insights.

COMObject may be imported via tlbimp in which case they have some static type information that can be used to reason over them.

Write location-aware rules to reason over geographic data of entities and events.

To reason over something is to be able to make programmatic decisions about them, usually to produce a higher-level result.

For example, if you have a bunch of digital photos and you can obtain the date the photo was taken, then you can reason over the photos and do simple things like sort them chronologically, or more complex things like look for date clustering and attempt to infer events. If you also had location information, you could reason more confidently over the photos to identify photos taken at the same event.


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