The long-awaited Redmond Costco opens today, and some useless Costco trivia

Raymond Chen

Assuming there isn’t another schedule slip, the Redmond Costco should be opening today. So I’m going to celebrate by sharing some Costco trivia.

If you shop three times in a row at a particular Costco location, then that location is treated as your “home” Costco. When you make an online purchase, the sale is credited to your “home” Costco for bookkeeping purposes.

This little detail doesn’t really have any effect on you, the customer. You can just go about your Costco day as you always did. The people who care about this are the accountants back at Costco headquarters who want to do things like identify which locations are most profitable.

But it does mean that if you are on vacation and shop at Costco a few times, that will flip a bit somewhere in a data center so it thinks you’ve moved.


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