2015 year-end link clearance

Raymond Chen

The year-end link clearance is here! You may have noticed that the link clearances are getting shorter and shorter. I may have to cut back to only one link clearance per year.

And the new obligatory plugs for my appearances on Channel9:

The idea is that the One Dev Minute team come to my office every so often and I spend an hour or so answering around ten questions they bring to me. We’ll see how long this will go before they or I (or the audience) gets sick of it.

Bonus chatter: This article [warning: autoplaying audio advertisement] contains the caption “This edition of the Microsoft Encarta digital encyclopedia came on massive laserdiscs.” I can’t tell if they took us literally or they are just continuing the joke. That is actually a novelty display box. The box is empty. There was no monster-sized laserdisc with a custom laserdisc player. Also, the title of that linked article is incorrect; I’ll take responsibility for that one because I was being glib in my chatter. (I didn’t realize that I was going to be quoted on a news site.) I’ll clear it up in a future Dev Minute.


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