p/invoke gotcha: C++ bool is not Win32 BOOLEAN is not UnmanagedType.Bool

Raymond Chen

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A customer reported that their p/invoke was not working.

We aren’t getting the proper return codes from the Audit­Set­System­Policy. When the call succeeds, the return code is 1, as expected. But in our tests, when we force the call to fail (insufficient access), the return code is not zero. Instead, the return code is some value of the form 0xFFxxxxxx, where the x’s vary, but the high byte is always 0xFF.

For reference, the DllImport declaration we are using is

[DllImport("advapi32.dll", SetLastError=true)]
public static extern UInt32 AuditSetSystemPolicy(
    IntPtr pAuditPolicy,
    UInt32 policyCount);

The corresponding Win32 declaration is

BOOLEAN WINAPI AuditSetSystemPolicy(
  _In_  ULONG PolicyCount

Alas, the customer fell into one of the common gotchas when writing p/invoke: They confused BOOLEAN and BOOL.

BOOL is a 32-bit integer, whereas BOOLEAN is an 8-bit integer.

Since they were marshaling the return code as a UInt32, they were getting the byte returned by the function, plus three bonus uninitialized garbage bytes. If they studied more closely, they would have found that the erroneous return codes were all of the form 0xFFxxxx00 where the bottom 8 bits are all zero. That’s because the bottom 8 bits are the actual value; the rest are garbage.

The correct declaration is to use Unmanaged­Type.U1 aka byte rather than Unmanaged­Type.U4 aka UInt32.

[DllImport("advapi32.dll", SetLastError=true)]
public static extern byte AuditSetSystemPolicy(
    IntPtr pAuditPolicy,
    UInt32 policyCount);

The customer confirmed that switching to Unmanaged­Type.U1 fixed the problem.


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