RegNotifyChangeKeyValue sucks less

Raymond Chen

One of the gotchas of the Reg­Notify­Change­Key­Value function is that the notification registration has thread affinity. This is a problem if you want the notification registration to outlive the thread that generated it. In particular, if you register the notification from a nonpersistent thread pool thread, you get into an infinite loop:

  1. Thread pool task calls Reg­Notify­Change­Key­Value, and waits for the associated event via Register­Wait­For­Single­Object.
  2. Thread pool thread goes idle.
  3. Thread pool destroys the idle thread.
  4. Due to thread affinity, this signals the handle.
  5. The thread pool queues a task to process the handle that was signaled.
  6. The task checks the registry key (observes that nothing changed) and calls Reg­Notify­Change­Key­Value again.
  7. Repeat.

Windows 8 added a new flag to the Reg­Notify­Change­Key­Value function: REG_NOTIFY_THREAD_AGNOSTIC. If you pass this flag, then the notification registration does not have thread affinity. If the thread that called Reg­Notify­Change­Key­Value exits, the notification registration remains active.


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