How to take down the entire Internet with this one weird trick, according to Crisis

Raymond Chen

According to the television documentary Crisis which aired on NBC last Sunday, a cyberattack took over the entire Internet.

Timecode 13:00: “Anything connected to the Internet. Banking systems, power grid, air traffic control, emergency services. The virus has spread into them all.”

And the show includes an amazing journalistic scoop: A screen shot of the attack being launched! Timecode 11:40:

Threads Progress Remaining Speed
0:000> u eip-30 eip+20
01005cfc 0001            add     [ecx],al
01005cfe 3bc7            cmp     eax,edi
01005d00 7407            jz      notepad+0x5d09 (01005d09)
01005d02 50              push    eax
01005d03 ff15dc100001    call    dword ptr [notepad+0x10dc (010010dc)]
01005d09 8b45fc          mov     eax,[ebp-0x4]
01005d0c 57              push    edi
01005d0d 57              push    edi
01005d0e 68c50000        push    0xc5

That’s right, my friends. This elite virus that shut down the Internet was an upload of Notepad!



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