How do I change among the three levels of play in Space Cadet Pinball?

Raymond Chen

Many many years ago, a customer presumably was taking advantage of the unlimited support part of their support contract when they asked

In the documentation for Space Cadet Pinball, it says…

The game is divided into three levels of play: basic, intermediate, and advanced. The objective of all levels is to achieve the highest point total. The more advanced the level of play, the greater the point reward.

How does one advance to the next level of play? The documentation doesn’t explain.

The level of play being described in the documentation refers not to any particular in-game option or accomplishment. It’s describing three different styles of playing the same game.

  • Basic level: You try not to lose the ball.
  • Intermediate level: You earn more points by hitting the targets in the right order.
  • Advanced level: You earn even more points by completing missions.

It’s like how you can play tennis on multiple levels.

  • Basic level: Chase the ball when it is hit to you, and return it over the net.
  • Intermediate level: Anticipate where the ball will be hit, and return it to where your opponent will have difficulty reaching it.
  • Advanced level: Plan multiple-stroke attacks. Identify your opponent’s weakness and adjust your style of play to take advantage of it.

In other words, the answer is not in the game. The answer is inside you.


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