Raymond's house rules for Easter Egg Hunts

Raymond Chen

One of my colleagues frustrates his family by hiding the eggs for the annual Egg Hunt way too well. “Apparently, drawers and freezers are out of bounds in the traditional egg hunt.”

Here are my house rules for Easter Egg Hunts:

  • All eggs must be hidden within the implied egg-hiding area. No sneaky outliers.
  • All eggs must be at least partially observable by egg-hunters without disturbing anything. No hiding in drawers or under flowerpots, or putting them on top of a tall piece of furniture that a shorter egg-hunter cannot see.
  • However, you may still have to work to see them. They might be behind a sofa or placed above eye level. For example, you might find an egg tucked between the slats of horizontal blinds.

Personally, I like to hide eggs in plain sight. It’s surprising how long it can take somebody to find a yellow egg resting brazenly on the lap of a yellow teddy bear.


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