On live performances of Star Trek

Raymond Chen

Spock’s Brain is generally considered to be the worst episode of Star Trek. That may be why in 2009 Mike Carano decided to perform it as a theatrical production. Here is the opening scene, and here’s Carano talking about the show’s genesis. In the second video, skip ahead to 2:40 to see more clips from the show, or go to 4:35 for the fight scene. Whereas Carano played the show for laughs, the folks at Atomic Arts in Portland (yes, that Portland) played it straight for their Trek in the Park series, but they still get laughs because Star Trek.

2009 Amok Time
2010 Space Seed
2011 Mirror, Mirror
2012 A Journey to Babel
2013 The Trouble with Tribbles

And yes, when the Enterprise is hit, everybody jerks to the left or right, even the unconscious bodies in sickbay. Their five-year mission complete, the Atomic Arts folks are unloading their larger set pieces, so if you always wanted a pair of sickbay beds that can pump Vulcan blood, well now you know where to go.

But just because Trek in the Park is over doesn’t mean you should give up on Star Trek live in the park yet. Seattle arts group Hello Earth Productions continues to stage Star Trek episodes in public parks under the name Outdoor Trek. Hello Earth aims for a more creative interpretation rather than trying to do a perfect impersonation of the original.

2010 The Naked Time
2011 This Side of Paradise
2012 (hiatus)
2013 Devil in the Dark (bonus Horta content)
2014 Mirror, Mirror

They are currently holding auditions for Mirror, Mirror.


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