How do I configure the timeout used by UI0Detect (Interactive Services Detection service)?

Raymond Chen

Windows Vista introduced Session 0 Isolation which enforces the rule that services should not display UI. If a service tries to display UI, another service known as the Interactive Services Detection service detects this situation and signals the user that a service wants to display UI and gives the user an opportunity to switch to the service desktop, respond to the UI, and then switch back. If the user ignores the service for about one minute, it switches back automatically, on the assumption that something went bad with the detection and the service is actually finished with its UI. (That way, the user doesn’t get stuck staring at session 0 forever.) More than one customer wanted to know how to configure this one minute timeout. The correct solution to the problem is not to configure Interactive Services Detection but rather to fix your service so it doesn’t show UI in session 0. It’s like saying, “When I mail a letter and get the postal code wrong, the letter reaches the destination eventually, but it takes much longer than a letter sent with the correct postal code. How can I get letters sent with the incorrect postal code to reach their destination faster?” The answer is to stop putting the incorrect postal code on your letters. In other words, stop throwing garbage on the sidewalk.

Bonus reading: Troubleshooting Interactive Services Detection.


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