Entering the world of competitive Ring-Around-the-Rosie

Raymond Chen

I dreamed that a friend and I were in line at some sort of summer camp to get into the cafeteria. We noticed a glass cabinet with food out in the dining area and asked about it. Turns out that it was available for people to eat, as an alternative to standing in line. We decided to go for it. (Another example of how being lucky is observing what you weren’t expecting.) The plates on top of the cabinet were nearly empty, but it never occurred to anybody to open the cabinet door to get the food inside. We opened the door and moved food to the top of the cabinet, as a crowd slowly formed as people noticed, “Hey, look, food magically appeared!” While we were eating, I got a call from another friend, who was standing outside. She challenged the two of us to a game of Ring-Around-the-Rosie. The stakes: eighty cents per round. I checked my pockets to see how many rounds I could afford to lose. Then I woke up, perhaps out of anxiety.

In other news, I learned that Ring-Around-the-Rosie can be played competitively. At least in dreams.


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