A dream about forgetting to deploy the backup brake pads

Raymond Chen

I dreamed that that I was driving through a parking garage when my brakes suddenly failed. I tried executing turns to bleed off speed, but it was largely ineffective. I managed to avoid hitting a parked police car (which had arrived to investigate some other accident), but was unable to avoid another parked car. An insurance adjuster who was on the scene for the first accident looked at my car and discovered that my primary brake pads were completely missing, so the calipers were grabbing air. And in my panic, it never occurred to me to use my left foot to push the button which hot-installs the secondary brake pads. (Yes, this makes no sense. It’s a dream, remember?) I tried to order replacement pads from Amazon.com, but it insisted on ordering them for the virtual car in my account rather than the actual car that had the accident.

Also, true dream fact: Brake pads are made of Styrofoam. (“Well, there’s your problem.”)


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