I didn't go to //build/ in San Francisco, but I'll be at RAMP in Budapest

Raymond Chen

Larry went to //build/, but I didn’t. On the other hand, I will be at RAMP in Budapest. I will be presenting (in English) on the evolution of Windows, specifically on the lessons learned over the first two decades of Windows that led to the design of WinRT, the Windows Runtime. Although the conference has sold out, you can register for free to view the sessions online via live streaming. I’m on at 12:15 (Budapest local time) on July 12. It’s the last session before lunch, so everybody will be hungry and anxious for my talk to be over. To whet your appetite, here’s a screen shot from my presentation:

File Edit View Search Run Watch Options Calls Help
AX = 001F
BX = 0949
CX = 0FC0
├─┤├──────────────source1 CS:IP hello.c (ACTIVE)──────────────┤├─┤ DX = 0A00
1: #include <windows.h> SP = 0FC0
2: BP = 0000
3: int FAR PASCAL WinMain(HINSTANCE hInstance, SI = 0000
4: HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, DI = 0CFB
5: LPSTR lpCmdLine, DS = 1827
6: int nCmdShow) ES = 0000
7: { SS = 1827
8: return MessageBox(NULL, CS = 1027
9: “Hello, world!”, IP = 01A8
10: “My first program”, FL = 2200
┌─┤├─────────────────────────command──────────────────────────┤├─┤NV UP EI PL
CV2207 Message: Loaded symbols for C:\PROGRAM\HELLO.EXE NZ NA PO NC
CV1053 Warning: TOOLS.INI not found
<F8=Trace> <F10=Step> <F5=Go> <F6=Window> <F3=Display>

Although I am familiar with Hungarian notation, I know no Hungarian. I do know a good amount of German, and I hope that plus English will be enough to let me carry out some simple transactions.

Update: I’m told the recording will be available on InfoQ at no charge, but I have no details beyond that.


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