Inadvertently creating dress-like-Steve day

Raymond Chen

Even if you haven’t been paying much attention, you may have noticed that Steve Sinofsky has developed a bit of a uniform for himself. You can pretty much count on him wearing a T-shirt with a V-neck sweater. (There appears to be some sort of alphabetic theme there, but I’m not going to check if he’s also wearing a G-string.)

Some time ago, I realized as I was heading in to work that for the second day in a row, I happened to be wearing the Steve Sinofsky uniform. Was I subconsciously mirroring the boss?

As fate would have it, later that morning, I happened to run into Steve as we both headed from one building to the next. I remarked on my accidental fashion choice and emphasized that I wasn’t trying to stalk him or anything. Steve quipped, “Funny you should say that. Just this morning, I was thinking of wearing a suit.”

Bonus chatter: As we reached our destination, I opened the door to let Steve into the building. Steve declined. “I have to let myself into the building. The security folks track my access key, and if they see anything unusual, like if I beep into a building without having beeped out of the previous building, they call my cell phone to confirm my whereabouts and to verify that my access key hasn’t been stolen.”


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