I speak German better in my dream than I do in real life

Raymond Chen

I dreamed that I was at a large trade show, where everybody had cleared the center of the main floor to make room for an impressive real-time holography demo.

After the demo was over, everybody moved their chairs back, but the German delegation had difficulty returning their chairs to the exact position they took them from, because everybody else (not being German) just put the chairs in rows without regard for their original row and seat number.

Next came dinner, and I had to help interpret for a German attendee (who in retrospect may have been Angela Merkel with dark hair) who had taken two appetizers and no main course (which was allowed, but it meant that she didn’t get a main course). I got stuck translating the word “dessert” but I guessed.

When I woke up, I looked up the word, and it turns out that dream-me had guessed correctly. So I can speak German better in my dreams than in real life.


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