Taking flexitarianism to another, perhaps unintended, level

Raymond Chen

Our cafeteria has been trying to encourage flexitarianism, which it defines as eating one meat-free meal per week. But in their effort to make the concept more appealing, they may have lost sight of the goal.

Italian Sausage Calzone
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(The “Vegetarian Option” magnet was probably intended for the Asparagus, Mushroom and Spinach Pizette just above it.) One of my colleagues suggested that the sign was applying the transitive property of vegeterianism: “If you eat that which eats plants, you too eat the plants.” Fool me twice: The following day, the “Vegetarian Option” magnet was placed on the sign for the meatball pizza. Maybe they’re trying to make vegetarians sick?

Resolution: The cafeteria people apologized for the misplaced magnets (which ended up in the wrong place due to the slow but persistent force of gravity). They implemented an immediate short-term solution of simply changing the order of the items on the menu so that the vegetarian option is at the bottom. (That way, a sliding magnet still ends up in the right place.) The long-term solution is to print the “Vegetarian Option” marker on the menu itself.


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