Globalization quiz: In honor of, well, that's part of the quiz

Raymond Chen

The Corporate Citizenship Tools; Microsoft Local Language Program Web site contains a map of the world, coded by region. There was a bug on the map. See if you can spot it:

  Middle East & Africa
  North America
  South America
  South Pacific

After I pointed out the error, they fixed the map on their Web page, so no fair clicking through to the Local Language Program Web page and comparing the pictures!

Non-useful hint: I chose the publication date of this quiz in honor of the answer.

Bonus chatter: Inside the answer.

Iceland is drawn in the color of North America rather than Europe. Here’s the corrected map:

The non-useful hint is that I posted this quiz on the Friday before Icelandic National Day.

Bonus chatter: The colors are based on the categorization in the “Select your location” box under the map. And in that combo box, Iceland is listed under Europe. (Russia is listed under both.)


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