What is the API for accessing content on SkyDrive?

Raymond Chen

The last time I mentioned programmatic access to SkyDrive was last June, where I noted that the interface was given the confusing name Messenger Connect. At least now they renamed it to Live Connect, which is slightly less confusing. The SkyDrive folks have been pretty busy lately. A few days ago, Dare Obasanjo announced a new Live Connect SDK, which means that you now have even more ways of accessing your SkyDrive content programmatically. (I like how the block diagram screen shot still has the red underline squiggles under the word skydrive.) Check it out at the Live Connect Developer Center. You can watch the //build/ presentation online if you want to watch somebody try to write code on stage. (I don’t risk it myself. You may have noticed that none of my presentations involve on-stage typing!)

Dare Obasanjo trivia: His dad was President of Nigeria, which means that when he gets email titled I am a Nigerian government official, and I need your help, he can’t just delete it like the rest of us do. They might actually be for him!


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