The funniest joke I've ever told (to a three-year-old)

Raymond Chen

I’ve tested this joke on several children ages three and four, and it never fails.

There were two kittens walking down the street, and one of them fell on its butt!

I developed this joke for one of my honorary nieces. She had just started to learn about joke-telling and asked me to tell her a joke. One of the keys to joke-telling is to know your audience: A three-year-old won’t have the attention span for a longer joke, and subtlety and observational humor won’t work either. It’s got to be short and direct. She thought kittens were cute, and falling on one’s butt was funny, so I figured, hey, let me combine the two.

When I told this joke, she fell on the floor in uncontrollable laughter. I had a winner.


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