Speculation around Microsoft Company Meeting 2010

Raymond Chen

Today is Microsoft’s annual Company Meeting. Back in August, the Real Estate and Facilities department sent a message to our group of buildings to inform us that the locker rooms would be closed “due to the filming of an upcoming corporate initiative.” Speculation swirled as to what sort of “upcoming corporate initiative” would require filming in a locker room. The Company Meeting was only a month away, and I suggested that Steve Ballmer might be filming a (shudder) parody of the Old Spice Guy commercial.

Picking up the ball, one of my colleagues wrote the proposed script for this parody:

Hello developers. How are you? Fantastic.

Does your CEO look like me? Yes.

Can he code like me? Yes.

Should you be using Windows 7? I don’t know.

Do you like the feel of productivity? Do you want an operating system that can stream your favorite movies while you tweet about the interesting article you’re currently reading on Wikipedia? Of course you do.

SWANDIVE into the best user experience of your life!

So should you be using Windows 7? You tell me.

Here’s the commercial being parodied, and the first commercial in the series.


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