Children's reactions to macadamia nuts dipped in chocolate

Raymond Chen

Some time ago, we had some people over our house for dinner, and we had a selection of desserts including chocolate-covered macadamia nuts. The children in attendance finished their dinner before the adults (because the adults were busy doing boring things like talking) and were excused to go play. It so happens that the play room is right next to the kitchen, and in the kitchen was the dessert table, including a bowl of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, which the children managed to consume in their entirety before the adults finally finished talking and went to get dessert. The second half of the story didn’t come until a few days later, when we were taking out the recycling. At the bottom of the recycling bin was a collection of macadamia nuts with all the chocolate sucked off.

(I was reminded of this story by laonianren’s comment on chocolate-covered Brazil nuts.)


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