How do I configure a Remote Desktop Connection shortcut to open on a specific monitor?

Raymond Chen

A customer wanted to know how to configure a Remote Desktop Connection shortcut so that the session appears on the monitor of choice. “I have two RDP shortcuts, and each one displays on a different monitor, but I want them all to display on my 20-inch monitor. How do I tell the bad shortcut, ‘Hey, use that monitor over there please’?” Normal shell shortcuts (LNK files) do not encode monitor information. It is up to the application to decide where to display its windows. Many applications save the window position when you exit and restore it when you restart. If you have one of these types of programs, then the solution is simple: Move the window to where you want its position to be remembered, and then close it. In the case of RDP files, the window position is stored in the RDP file settings. The Terminal Services Team Blog tells you how.

One thing I found interesting about that blog entry is that none of the comments is on topic. Well, okay maybe two of them.


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