Redneck Scrabble: It's fun unless you had to do it for real

Raymond Chen

In response to my story about creative-spelling Scrabble, some people volunteered their own personal variations, like Plausible Scrabble or Rude Word Scrabble. One variation my friends and I sometimes play is Redneck Scrabble. All words must be spelled the way a redneck might spell it. We enjoy playing it, except for my schoolteacher friend for whom it brought back horrible memories of her training, when she was assigned to assist in teaching elementary school in a rural part of the country.

This Web site has some other variations. I haven’t played Any Language Scrabble, but one of my college friends did; they called it International Scrabble. The game was even crazier than it sounds because that particular circle of friends consisted of people who loved learning foreign languages, so pretty much anything was in play! (I don’t know if anybody in the group spoke Czech, but if so, they would have totally cleaned up.)


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