The best way to prove somebody incompetent is to make up stuff and then point out that it's idiotic

Raymond Chen

One way to show that somebody is incompetent is to tell them that something they’re doing is stupid, even when it’s not what they’re doing. Take for example this comment saying that it’s stupid for copy and paste to use data objects which can allow code to execute. Um, we were talking about drag and drop, not copy and paste. And in fact, the copy and paste functionality of console windows hasn’t changed. You can still copy and paste with impunity. Second example: “And yet, the feature I really want is never implemented: Rearranging the taskbar.” Except it isn’t true. Windows 7 implemented it. Third example: “Or we could sideline the cmd.exe stuff and restart with a bash style interpreter.” I thought we did that and called it PowerShell. Fourth example: “If the OS had its own thread and stack for displaying application errors which worked for _any_ application error (stack overflow included), then nobody would have to even think about writing such hacks.” Windows Vista already implemented your suggestion. Fifth example: “There should be an API which will hide the registry accesses. I’m talking about things like registering a file extension.” Oh, you mean the Default Programs API?

Actually, my examples sort of morphed into people asking for features which already exist. Oh well, I guess it wasn’t a very good rant, then.


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