Welcome to The New Old New Thing, 2010 edition

Raymond Chen

The blog server folks tell me that the upgrade is complete. Thanks for your patience. I’m told they will throw the switch early this afternoon. The new URL for this site after the switchover will be http://blogs.msdn.com/b/oldnewthing/, although there should be 301 redirects at all the old URLs so your existing links will still work. My colleague Michael Kaplan might say that the extra B is for badass. Or maybe it stands for bewildering. Or broken. Speaking of broken, you’ll probably find a bunch of broken links, ugly layout, and other lameness (Pre-emptive snarky comment: that is, lameness beyond the normal lameness that gets posted here every weekday). I tried to fix some of the more egregious ones, but I couldn’t get to them all, and I’m sure I missed a bunch too. Feel free to add comments to this entry pointing out any errors introduced by the migration (once they turn comments back on), and I’ll see what I can do, although it may take a while since this isn’t my day job.

Known problems:

  • Starred comments are broken.
  • Links to comments are broken. Not only are they lost during the redirect, but the pagination of comments means that the comment doesn’t even appear on the page you get redirected to. Update: Links to comments work as of January 1, 2011.


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