The NPR Planet Money one-hour story competition: The shopping mall convention

Raymond Chen

Voting closed last night on the second NPR Planet Money one-hour story competition. Three reporters were sent into a convention (this time, the International Council of Shopping Centers conference) and given one hour to collect tape for a story. Listen to the results, either in the full podcast format or just to the three individual stories. Each of the stories was interesting in its own way. From Adam Davidson, I learned some mall restaurant jargon. From Chana Joffe-Walt, I learned about the pursuit of the cool kids. And from Alex Blumberg, I learned why a guy dressed in a bright red blazer known only as McGuire is the most popular guy at the convention. My vote went to Chana’s story.

Bonus link: The Six Guys’ Blog, the blog of Five Guys. (This will make sense after you listen to Alex’s story.)


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