Proto-Microspeak: Efforting

Raymond Chen

I have only two citations, so it may not be proper Microspeak.

We’re efforting that for you.

They’re not just trying, they’re efforting.

Solution efforting seems to fall in a gap between teams so there’s no clear owner or resourcing focused on it.

Bonus jargon: resourcing. Actually, that one sentence came from a longer document packed with management-speak. Here’s another beauty from that longer document: “A lot of effort goes into availing efficient systems to streamline incident handle time.” Of course, what the person really meant to write was “A lot of efforting…” It appears that the term has been heard around the NPR offices as well.

My local social circle has started using the term mockingly. “The Foo object efforts the destruction of the Bar object.”


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