Programming means that sometimes you have to snap two blocks together

Raymond Chen

Part of the challenge of programming (and for some people, the reason why programming is fun in the first place) is looking at the building blocks provided to you and deciding how to assemble them to build something new. After all, if everything you wanted a program to do already existed ready-made, it wouldn’t be called programming any more. It would be called shopping.

Is there an API or a quick way to find out which window the mouse is in?

I replied, “The LEGO Group does not make a piece for every possible object. Sometimes you just have to take two LEGO blocks and click them together. Here are some interesting blocks: GetCursorPos, WindowFromPoint.”

Thanks for your reply. But WindowFromPoint gives me the window of the object at the location of the cursor. But I’m looking for the top level window containing the cursor.

Fine, then use a different block. I wonder how it is these people manage to write programs at all. I get the impression they write code by asking a million tiny questions and cutting and pasting together all the replies.

No wait, pasting together the replies counts as snapping blocks together. Maybe they just ask for completed programs.


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