How do I quickly position two windows side by side?

Raymond Chen

Commenter n/a posted a laundry list of feature requests. I’m not going to address all of them here (though I inadvertently addressed one of them a while ago). But today I’m going to address request number two, “A simple switch to create two windows, one alongside the other, vertically split.” That feature has been around since Windows 95, possibly even before that but I haven’t bothered to check. In the taskbar, click the button for the first window you want to position, then hold the Ctrl key and right-click the button for the second window. Select Tile Vertically. Bingo, the two windows are positioned side by side. (If you pick Tile Horizontally then they appear one above the other.) Of course, the upcoming Windows 7 makes this operation much easier with a set of window-positioning features that collectively are known as Snap. Just drag one window to the left edge of the screen, and drag the other to the right edge of the screen. But what if you don’t want the windows to auto-dock? We’ll pick that up next time.

Bonus chatter: In case you missed it, the Engineering Windows 7 team blog the history of window arrangement in Windows in a multi-part series: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3: Aero Snap.


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