If Twitter is micro-blogging, then is what I’m doing macro-tweeting?

Raymond Chen

Here are a collection of brief messages not worthy of a full blog entry. I think I’m going to call it macro-tweeting.

  • Went to pick up my new suit, only to discover that instead of altering it, the store returned the suit to inventory.
    • @raymond: Customer service fail!
    • @raymond: Hey, at least they didn’t charge you a restocking fee!
    • @ian: Got re-fitted. Clerk: “How do I ring this up?” Salesman: “You don’t. He already paid for it.”
  • Silver lining: Found my long-lost camera recharger while organizing documents for my IRS compliance examination.
  • Current record against Chilly Hilly: 2 wins, 1 loss.
  • Learned another Chinese word. Only 2960 to go. Should be ready for basic conversation around 2097.
  • Unpacking a blender.
    • @raymond: Makin’ smoothies, eh?
  • Less impressed with friend’s 10,000-BTU hotpot burner, now that I found the sticker on my own El Lame-O burner that reads 9,925.
  • Got schooled in dumpling-making.
  • If, at the dinner table, a four-year-old offers to play the game Guess what’s in my mouth, you should decline.


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