In order to serve you bett… wait, it really is better: Fuel surcharges

Raymond Chen

Normally, the phrase In order to serve you better means that you’re about to get screwed.

Imagine my surprise to discover that United has stopped imposing a fuel surcharge for flights between Canada and the United States due to the decrease in fuel prices. But wait, that’s only for flights between Canada and the United States. Flights within the United States appear to have the surcharge in place as usual.

Hey, I’ve got an idea. How about getting rid of this surcharge nonsense and just raise the price of the ticket? Naw, that’s just crazy talk.

I can see the Calvin & Hobbes cartoon already. “Lemonade, 5¢ a glass (plus 25¢ water surcharge, 50¢ sugar surcharge, 75¢ rent reclamation fee, $1.50 Moe appeasement fee, 25¢ capital depreciation fee…)”


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