Follow-up: A new DUI record set in the state of Washington

Raymond Chen

A year ago, I noted that a new DUI record had been set for the state of Washington. It took a while, but the story finally settled out.

Recapping the story so far (links in the original article): The driver’s attorneys eventually succeeded in having her released from jail (where she had been held on $300,000 bail) to a treatment center.

In April 2008, the driver pled guilty to driving while intoxicated and in June 2008 was sentenced to one year in prison for that offense, plus additional days for other offenses, totalling 440 days in jail; plus 90 days of electronic home monitoring, fines, attendance at alcohol-education classes, and other unspecified penalties. That last article also runs down the four separate traffic incidents the driver has been involved in: Driving on the shoulder past a line of stopped cars and becoming involved in a three-car collision, the incident which raised so much public attention. A hit-and-run accident. And two more incidents of driving while intoxicated.

Unfortunately, permanent suspension of driving privileges was not listed among the penalties.

Other high blood alcohol levels:


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