The description of my 2008 PDC talk is wrong

Raymond Chen

The title is mostly okay, but the description is wrong. Thanks to the power of web scripting, I can’t actually link to my talk; I can just link to the main session page, and then you’ll have to go searching for it. (Maybe there’s a direct link but I can’t find it.)

The title Windows 7: Deep Dive – What’s New with Win32’s user32 and comctl32 is mostly okay. Except that it’s not Windows 7, because I don’t talk about the future; I talk about the past. So it’s really Windows Vista: Deep Dive – What Was New with Win32’s user32 and comctl32.

The description needs work, though. I submitted an updated version just last night, but who knows if they’ll approve it. The description I had in mind goes more like this:

This talk focuses on the lowest level user interface components (user32, comctl32) that appear in almost every Windows application. You’ll learn about “recent” changes and enhancements in these subsystems, plus be subjected to some philosophical musings on how foreground activation is like love. (No really, it will actually help you write better software.)


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