For a place that’s supposed to be full of doctors, they sure don’t look like doctors

Raymond Chen

Anthony Edwards is returning for a guest spot on his old series ER. I don’t watch ER, but when I happen to stumble across it, the thing that strikes me most is that for a where most of the characters are supposed to be doctors, they sure don’t look like doctors. They look like models who have been forced to wear scrubs and white lab coats.

Except for Anthony Edwards. He actually looks like a doctor.

One of my cousins is a doctor, and for some reason, we were watching an episode of ER in which the medical student was put in charge of a patient and made a bad medical decision. My cousin’s reaction: “There’s no way you would leave a med student alone with a patient, much less put them in charge. And never, ever pay any attention to a med student’s diagnosis. If you ask med students for a diagnosis, they will tell you that the patient has whatever disease they studied last week.”

(Yes, I’m recycling a story, but I like that story, so nyeah.)


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