Buses and trams going to this place called Reservado

Raymond Chen

One thing I noticed in Lisbon is that I will occasionally see a bus or tram whose destination sign says Reservado. I couldn’t find a place called Reservado anywhere in my guide book. It must be new. Hi, everybody. I’m back from vacation, and it’s taken me a while to catch up on all that happened while I was away. In addition to deleting all the trackbacks from scraper blogs, I deleted two comments that could get me fired, but I left most of the off-topic discussion because it didn’t appear to get too out of control. I even let stand Yuhong Bao’s multiple violations of the anti-spam policy (posting multiple comments to the same article in rapid succession). I removed the discussion of managed shell extensions since it had absolutely nothing to do with dragging a virtual file. (And because most of it was wrong anyway.) I did not delete Igor Levicki’s comments, even though he accuses me of doing it. The software that runs this Web site has a set of heuristics (the details of which I am not familiar with since I don’t actually run the Web site) which auto-rejects comments which, in the opinion of the heuristics, are spam or offensive. For example, mvadu‘s attempts to post a comment was repeatedly rejected by the filter, but he eventually figured out what the filter was objecting to and came up with something that kept the filter happy. Similarly, Igor Levicki’s complaint that I ignored his first comment has a very simple non-malicious explanation: I didn’t respond because I was on vacation. (If you don’t respond to something you never saw, does that count as ignoring it?) But of course, he made this remark in full knowledge that it was completely unfair, because he posted a comment on the very entry that announced that I would be away and that the Web site would be running on autopilot. And Igor and gb, I’m sorry you found the drag and drop series boring. If you go back through the archives, you’ll see that the first major topic of discussion when I started this Web site was a twelve-part series on scroll bars. How much more boring can you get than scroll bars! I wrote the drag and drop series because many customers came to us with problems that were the result of failing to understand how to drag virtual content. The only thing they knew how to do was drag files around, and they were trying to use files as proxies for virtual content. If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Many of these programming series are written for selfish reasons: So that I have to explain something only one more time.


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