Joshua Roman groupies may have to set up their frequent flyer accounts

Raymond Chen

Cellist Joshua Roman has quite a dedicated following here in Seattle, but those Joshua Roman groupies may have to dust off their frequent flyer cards, because the young cellist is resigning his position at the end of the season in order to pursue a solo career. There has been quite a bit of turmoil at the Seattle Symphony in recent years. The former concertmaster was forced out, leaving bitter feelings behind, and the long search for a replacement concluded with not one, not two, but four permanent concertmasters who will divide the leadership duties among themselves. A lawsuit filed by a violinist claiming “intentional emotional distress arising out of the hostile environment and harassment … over a long and extended period of time tickled the interest of The New York Times in late 2007 (and generated a number of letters to the editor in response), although for us locals, it’s old news. (The lawsuit was dismissed in early 2008.)

Makes you wonder how they find time to play music.


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