Follow-up: Mysterious Dietrich identified from that bizarre Ferarri crash

Raymond Chen

Last year, a spectacular crash of a $1 million Ferrari left a lot of questions unanswered. Who were those mysterious men who picked up Eriksson? How did a fully loaded automatic pistol get under the seat of a person who stopped to help? Why exactly does the San Gabriel Valley Transit Authority have an anti-terrorism unit? And who is this mysterious Dietrich who was allegedly driving the car when it crashed? Well, the authorities think they have an answer to that last question. Trevor Karney is in custody on charges of drunken driving, among others. He gave a false address to the police, and while they were trying to track him down, he slipped out of the country, then slipped back in. His story was (get this) that he was a passenger in a Mercedes that was behind the Ferrari, and when it crashed, the driver of the Mercedes stopped, Karney got out, and the Mercedes drove off without him. Authorities believe that Karney is the mysterious Dietrich, and that he was a passenger in the crashed Ferrari.

(Eriksson was sentenced to 3½ years in prison for embezzlement and drunken-driving.)


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