shopautodotca seocontest online contest tacitly encourages comment spam

Raymond Chen

There is a Canadian web site that is running a contest to see who can get their web site to rank highest for the terms “shopautodotca seocontest”. There’s $14,000 in prize money at stake (presumably in Canadian dollars), as well as a contract as the company’s SEO manager. Since the contest rules do not rule out spam as a mechanism for improving search rank, this web site (and no doubt others) are getting hit with comment spam from people trying to get their site to rank higher. (I sent a message to the contest organizer last month, who wrote back, “we will investigate.” Haven’t heard anything since then.) Just to see if I can stick it to them, I’m posting this article a week before the contest ends. This web site has a Google page rank significantly higher than the current contest leader, and I think it would be a nice touch if I, as one of the victims of their antisocial little contest, ended up winning it. (But since this page doesn’t link back to the contest sponsor, I won’t actually win anything.)

Of course, it may also mean that Google’s ranking algorithm will decide that I’m just a source of web link spam and blacklist this web site. It’s a big risk, and I may end up paying dearly for it, but I’m just pissed off enough to give it a try anyway.


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