Raymond's SIFF schedule (2007)

Raymond Chen

Nobody asked, but I’m going to post it anyway. These are the movies I’m planning on seeing, along with my twisted take on the plot, based solely on the movie description.

12:08 East of Bucharest Fri May 25 5:00pm (PP)
Residents of a Romanian town differ in their recollections of how they overthrew Ceaucescu.
Fair Play Sat May 26 1:15pm (N)
Office politics viewed through the filter of “casual” outdoor sporting activities.
Outsourced (sold out) May 31 7:00pm (LS)
American’s job is outsourced to India. He is sent to train his replacement. She’s cute.
Death at a Funeral Fri Jun 1 7:00pm (LS)
Fancy funeral. Somebody dies. Hilarity ensues.
Cashback Sat Jun 2 6:45pm (LS)
Clerks + Heroes = ?
Tell No One Sun Jun 3 1:30pm (N)
French thriller. Man accused of wife’s death. Will probably spend a lot of time running.
Falling Sun Jun 3 9pm (HE)
High school friends reunite. Drama ensues.¹
2 Days in Paris Tue Jun 5 7pm (LS)
French screwball comedy. That’s all you need to know.
Hula Girls Sat Jun 9 4pm (LS)
Japanese town reinvents itself as a spa. With hula girls.²
Grandhotel Mon Jun 11 4:30pm (LS)
Intruiguing rom-com set in a hotel.
The Boss of It All Wed Jun 13 7pm (LS)
Company director shifts blame to imaginary superior. Works great until people ask to meet him.³
Vacation Sun Jun 17 11am (LS)
Quiet family get-away. Relatives show up unexpectedly. Drama ensues.¹

¹These movies were chosen in large part to serve as German lessons. ²I have a weak spot for slightly off-kilter Japanese movies set in the modern day. ³Swedish class group movie. Even though it’s in Danish.

Since Outsourced is sold out, I’ll have to find another movie to replace it. Possibilities include French for Beginners, Mushihi, The Three Musketeers (animated), and Eagle vs. Shark.


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