We're all in this together: No good deed goes unpunished, redux

Raymond Chen

There were several suggestions as to how I could avoid being tagged as the owner of an issue because I helped route the problem. Many of them involved assigning the bug back to the testers to “teach them a lesson”. Punishing the tester doesn’t help the product. Remember, we’re all in this together. The goal is to fix bugs and ship a quality product.† Being vindictive doesn’t further that goal. Especially one suggestion which was to resolve the bug as “Won’t fix” with the reason “Tester is an idiot.” That may make you feel better, but it is a total disservice to your customers. It’s almost certainly a sign of dysfunction in a product when the team members spend more time sniping at each other than they do actually working on the product. It’s a team effort. Let’s try to act like a team.

Pre-emptive snarky comment: “Hey, bozos! Why not try doing it for once!”


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