Service required * Brewer error *

Raymond Chen

Last year, one of the fancy-dancy iCup devices (yes that’s its name, I kid you not) in the kitchen of my building went on the fritz. Things break, that’s to be expected. The screen which normally guides you through the selection process instead displayed an error message.

Service required
* Brewer error *

The problem was not that it was out of coffee; when that happens, a much more specific error is displayed. Something like, um, “Out of coffee“. No, this time, there was some sort of weird internal error that prevented the machine from working. Fortunately, this was only one machine in a two-machine cluster, so the second machine could assume the extra load without interrupting service. This didn’t stop people from making jokes about it, though. Attached to the machine was a note that read


Another joker wrote

Java runtime

Computer programmers think they’re so clever.

(Meanwhile, Matt Sampson is not convinced that everything that comes out of the coffee machine is actually coffee.)


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