When very young children try too hard to act nonchalant

Raymond Chen

Apropos of nothing (but perhaps filed as an addendum to the “stories from school” category), I was reminded of a story from the aftermath of the Nisqually Earthquake that struck Seattle in 2001. Mind you, this story is fourth-hand by now, but it’s still cute. A young student, whom I will call “Billy”, returned from school the day of the earthquake (which struck in mid-morning). Billy: “Hi, Mom. I’m home.” Mom: “Hi, Billy. Anything interesting happen at school today?” Billy: (trying to sound nonchalant) “Nothing much.” Mom: “What about the earthquake?” Billy: (surprised) “Who told you about the earthquake?!”

Update: Corrected Mom’s question. And I deleted all the comments arguing about religion. If you want to debate child rearing, do it somewhere else.


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