Crackpots in computer security: A complete solution to computer security

Raymond Chen

Now that computer security grabs headlines, the crackpots are drawn to it. This means that the security folks are innundated with dubious vulnerability reports and revolutionary computer designs. Today’s story is one of the “revolutionary computer designs” category.

I have developed a complete solution to computer security.

Construct one case but with two CPUs inside. Each CPU gets its own hard disk, keyboard port, monitor port, mouse port, etc. You also have a keyboard, mouse, and monitor with two cables, one that goes to the first CPU’s I/O ports and another that goes to the second CPU’s I/O ports.

You then designate on of the CPUs the “fun” computer and let it connect to the Internet, play games, download software, all that fun reckless stuff. You designate the other CPU as the “safe” computer, which is where you do your personal finance and save your sensitive information.

There you have it. A way people can surf the web without compromising their sensitive data. I’m willing to grant Microsoft a license to use this revolutionary new computer design.

(The actual proposal was much longer and more convoluted.)

Once you untangle the proposal, it just boils down to using a KVM switchbox to switch between two computers. The only “revolutionary” bit is that the two computers happen to share a single case.


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